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  • Constelis Voss Vol. 2 — Paperback Direct by  CONSTELIS VOSS
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Constelis Voss Vol. 2 — Paperback Direct

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Subversive and Smart!

In the same flavor as Volume 1, Volume 2 uses the pieces given in the first book to build, rebuild, and tear down what you thought they would create. With subtle nods and parallels to real world issues, your average reader isn't bogged down by allegory, but the discerning reader will start to pick up on the themes and commentaries added one by one. I want a dissertation written on this series.

Wired Sci-fi For The Burnout Generation

Some people believe in reincarnation. Others believe humans will eventually become robots. Why not both?

In the second volume of CONSTELIS VOSS, Alex and his friends find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place. As Tyr—the planet-sized ship's conveniently very evil villain—starts in on the hunt for these wayward rebels, the cast finds a new ally in the last person Alex ever wanted to remember.

As forgotten pasts reveal themselves, coincidences batter them, the mystery takes shape, and the cast discovers their fantastical powers, they begin to understand just how special they truly are.

Will they be able to piece together the puzzle at the center of the ship, escape Tyr's clutches, and discover why all this is happening? Or will Tyr win, dashing their poorly planned rebellion to smithereens?

Find out in this installment of the CONSTELIS VOSS trilogy. It's going to be a bumpy f*cking ride, princess.

Paperback Specs:

Trim Size: 5.000" x 8.000" (203mm x 127mm)
Interior Color and Paper: Black & White: Creme
Binding: Paperback: Perfect Bound
Cover Finish: Matte
Page Count: 226
Print ISBN: 978-1-7368053-1-2
Genre: sci-fi, cyberpunk, lgbt, absurdist fantasy, psychological thriller